Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Safety


if for any reason you do have a concern regarding the integrity of another user, post or comment, please flag their info by clicking on the three circles “…”. Flagged content will be removed if deemed to be fake or inappropriate.

No Matches in my area

I am sorry you are not seeing many matches near you yet, we are improving Friendi every day so I am hopeful that more matches will join soon 🙂 thank you for your patience.

multiple child profiles within the same account

Currently, the app only supports a single child profile. We are working hard on an update which will allow parents to add multiple children but it is not ready yet. Updates will be showcased within the Friendi feed.

App features not working (Something went wrong)

We are working hard to improve the stability and consistency of Friendi every day. One suggestion that has helped some users is to close the app and re-open it. Please see below for instructions on how to do this:

1. Double-click the Home button to see your most recently used apps.

2. Swipe right or left to find the Friendi app.

3. Swipe up on the app’s preview to close the app.

4. Re-open the app.

Changing my loved ones profile information.

Considering that the best matches are based not just on interests but age too, please make sure that your child’s profile information is correct. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

1. Press the “Me” icon at the bottom right of the app.

2. Press the pencil icon and then press the Child Info section marked by an “i” icon.

3. Press the date next to “DOB.” Change the birthdate and press “Done.”

4. Press “Save” at the top right corner.

Happy matching!