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What do I do when I find a match for my child?

Great! you found a match. You can proceed by clicking on the button that says “Message (Parents Name)”. This will bring you to Friendi’s safe and secure, built in messenger. some tips to start the conversation are to introduce yourself. Also, you may want to take a look at our sample questions pop up to help you get started.

How can i make sure that i keep my child and my self safe while meeting another parent?

  1. We encourage parents to meet each other in a public place for the initial get together. some possible places may include:
    • Malls
    • parks

How do I introduce myself to another parent?

How to plan an in-person meeting?

How to prepare my child for a meeting with a potential friend?

How to increase your child’s chances of forming a friendship?

What to talk about during your first meeting?

A bit about your children and ways to further facilitate friendship

What if a match on Friendi was actually not a great match in person?

Please let us know how Friendi can better meet the real needs of your child, We are constantly updating our features.

What does Friendi do with my donations?

App safety

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